About Us

Koncept World seeks to deliver the best experience for our clients by providing one-stop exhibition booth construction service in Asia, particularly in Singapore, Malaysia, China, Indonesia and Dubai. Our dedicated team with over 15 years of experience will cater to all needs in the area of events and exhibition with reliability, professionalism and an innovative edge to meet specific requirements.

We specialise in exhibition booth building, from the construction of exhibition booths to the on-site installation and the full exhibition project management to ensure that all our clients are satisfied with the quality and service which we deliver to achieve a guarantee success for all exhibitions and events.

We are focused to provide our clients with a unique and hassle-free exhibition booth construction experience with our responsive and meticulous service from our experienced exhibition booth contractors. We pride ourselves in presenting your exhibitions and events in the best possible way including timely delivery for each and every project.

Our exhibition booth set up comprises of the use of custom and modular stand build methods retaining clients with our one point contact throughout the whole process. Having worked closely with numerous clients in different industries throughout Singapore, Asia, Russia, Europe, USA and Middle East, we place a huge emphasis on cliental experience whilst building a strong and dedicated relationship with our clients. Dedicated members of our team will be assigned to aid our client every step of the way from start to finish. For us, our versatility strengthens our ability to finding the desired exhibition solution that fits our clients hand like a glove.

Koncept World is here to stay by offering our clients an unforgettable exhibition construction experience for all clients locally and globally in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Korea, Thailand, and Dubai.

We build relationships. We build your design.